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Random, undated photos

I have had these scattered throughout my folders for some time now, so I’m going to put most of them in this post. Here’s the breakdown: 1-2 are of Carolyn’s childhood home in Greenwich 3-4 are of an apartment of … Continue reading

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John and Carolyn partying!

This was from 1995 and I have no idea what kind of party it is, but if you look at the people in the background, a bunch are decked out in ho-down gear! I love these shots where they’re so … Continue reading

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Additional screenshots from earlier days

These are probably from ’94 and ’95.  One set is of John giving her a sweet hug, another is of her standing in the doorway seeing John off to work, the other is of them outside the loft, and the … Continue reading

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1994 – NYC

This has to be from ’94, or it’s very early in ’95 because her hair is still mostly brown here.  The shoes have a 90s vibe, but that’s fine by me because I liked that decade!

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Some screenshots of Carolyn from around 1994

Some of these I had from Simply Carolyn and others I captured from a few YouTube videos that I recently found.

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1994 – Leaving Jackie’s apartment

These are likely from 1994, where the two were spotted leaving Jackie’s apartment.

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Various dates in the park

Earlier on from around 1994-1995, Carolyn and John enjoyed spending a lot of time at the local park, sometimes accompanied by John’s German Shepherd Sam.  These photos are all from different days, the exact dates which I don’t have.

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1994 or 1995 – John goes bike riding

This is a weird one.  I’ve always wondered what kind of mask John is wearing here.  It looks like a respirator worn in work zones.

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1994 in NYC together

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1994 – outside of Jackie’s apartment

I’ll try to put the photos into some kind of reasonable order on this blog, but things might get a little mixed up from time to time.  I’m not sure if this is the second time they were seen together,  … Continue reading

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