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A few larger scanned-in photos

Just a few more I decided to scan in larger from some of the articles I had… Advertisements

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A few photos scanned in at higher resolution

I decided to scan these last few photos in at a higher resolution.  The quality on two of them is fairly decent while the others are a bit grainy.  I’ve also included these photos in their proper blog entries as … Continue reading

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Some larger/better quality Carolyn photos

With the magazines I got from ebay awhile back, I found photos that were already in my folders, but decided to scan them in at a much better resolution.  I went back and switched out the old photos for the … Continue reading

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One of my favorite pictures in full size!

I have always loved this shot.  John is pulling his ear like Carol Burnett and Carolyn looks so happy.  I just got some old People magazines, tribute issues to John and Carolyn and tabloids (gulp) from an ebay seller for … Continue reading

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A few photos from 1995 and 1996

I know one of these was pre-wedding and the other two look to be from the earlier years, but once again, I have no dates. UPDATE: Jessika comes through for me again! The first picture is probably from around 1995, … Continue reading

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John and Carolyn taking a walk

Gosh, I have such original names for these posts, don’t I? Unfortunately, I have no date for these and they weren’t even in a folder, but scattered around randomly.  I collected them into a group and here they are.  Going … Continue reading

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Random photo with unknown date

I forgot to include this in the photos from the earlier years, but I suspect this is from 1995 because her hair is quite a bit darker here.  In any case, it’s an adorable photo and a fairly recent find.

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September 8, 1995 – swimming in Hyannis

Ah, I found the date for this photo.  It’s thanks to Ultimate Carolyn that we have these shots.  Even of the one where John must have been, er…a little itchy.  :0 The first two are very high quality.

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July 1995 – Special Olympics event

This was on July 1, 1995 and this is one of my favorite Carolyn outfits.  I don’t know why because it’s just a simple black dress with a cream sweater twirled around her shoulders like a wrap, but it’s just … Continue reading

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Dinner at the National Arts Club in 1995

There is only one picture from this event.  I have a few of various sizes and quality, so why not just post them all?! Simply Carolyn was nothing if not thorough in collecting all the variations of the photos out … Continue reading

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