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Photos from the Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy message board

I somewhat recently stumbled across this message board devoted to Carolyn and the girls over there are brilliant, because they somehow managed to find new photos! There are a few of them on a boat, one of Carolyn and John … Continue reading

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A few larger scanned-in photos

Just a few more I decided to scan in larger from some of the articles I had…

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Some larger/better quality Carolyn photos

With the magazines I got from ebay awhile back, I found photos that were already in my folders, but decided to scan them in at a much better resolution.  I went back and switched out the old photos for the … Continue reading

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1996 or 1998? Meeting up with Narciso Rodriguez

Edit: While my folders indicate this was from ’98, Jessika makes a good point in that after their wedding, Narciso was much more well known and you’d think the tabloids could identify him.  There’s a possibility these are from 1996 … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s engagement ring close-up

I am beyond thrilled with ebay (normally I call it evil bay for its rip off prices) lately because I got several good deals on old magazines about John and Carolyn.  One of them was the People issue that had … Continue reading

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Random, undated photos

I have had these scattered throughout my folders for some time now, so I’m going to put most of them in this post. Here’s the breakdown: 1-2 are of Carolyn’s childhood home in Greenwich 3-4 are of an apartment of … Continue reading

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A few photos from 1995 and 1996

I know one of these was pre-wedding and the other two look to be from the earlier years, but once again, I have no dates. UPDATE: Jessika comes through for me again! The first picture is probably from around 1995, … Continue reading

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December 15, 1996: Another day, another newspaper, the same pestulant paparazzi

I’m sure one of the kind readers of this blog will know exactly what happened between the paparazzi and John here, because I can’t tell you as usual.  It’s embarrassing how little I know about the backstory of some of … Continue reading

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May 13, 1996 – picking up a newspaper

This was a rare casual day for Carolyn, as she didn’t usually wear sneakers. On a more interesting note, I find their body language kind of amazing to observe in these photos.  They are completely in tune with one another.  … Continue reading

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December 12, 1996 – boot shopping

Geez, she couldn’t even buy a pair of basic winter boots without someone hanging around snapping her photo.

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