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Photo negatives from White House Correspondents’ Dinners

This is from the same man who shot the high quality photos of Carolyn and John at the ’97 and ’99 Correspondents’ Dinners.  His site is http://www.celebrity-photos.com. There seem to be a few that didn’t get developed into photographs. Advertisements

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Photos from the Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy message board

I somewhat recently stumbled across this message board devoted to Carolyn and the girls over there are brilliant, because they somehow managed to find new photos! There are a few of them on a boat, one of Carolyn and John … Continue reading

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Additional Whitney 1997 screenshots

These are from the “As It Happened” segment on NBC.

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A few photos scanned in at higher resolution

I decided to scan these last few photos in at a higher resolution.  The quality on two of them is fairly decent while the others are a bit grainy.  I’ve also included these photos in their proper blog entries as … Continue reading

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Some larger/better quality Carolyn photos

With the magazines I got from ebay awhile back, I found photos that were already in my folders, but decided to scan them in at a much better resolution.  I went back and switched out the old photos for the … Continue reading

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Paris Match article on Billy Noonan’s book, Forever Young

Well, this is in French and these are photos we’ve already seen, but for those of you who can read French, you might be interested in this. Note: you may have to right click on these and open in a … Continue reading

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December 20, 1997 – A little magazine shopping

This is the last of my 1997 folders.  Here’s Carolyn (in another leopard coat – not the one she gave to RoseMarie), John and Friday picking up some magazines.  I wonder if they went on to do a little Christmas … Continue reading

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1997 – Skiing

I have no date for these three photos, but they were in the ’97 folder, so I’ll just stick them in here. In the first two photos, she’s in the yellow ski suit.

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December 7, 1997 – LaScala Opera House in Milan

Here they are attending the opening of the opera season at LaScala Opera House in Milan, where they saw Giuseppe Verdi’s Macbeth. Once again, this is another one of my favorite Carolyn looks.  The beret, red lipstick, what looks like … Continue reading

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December 1, 1997 – Carnegie Hall opera

There aren’t many good photos of this event, but numbers three and 14 are higher resolution and several others can be enlarged a bit more.

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