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Photos of her from Bergin book

I really debated about putting these up.  I decided I would just crop out the schmuck and post the photos of her in a gallery.  Some of the ones I had saved were just close-ups of her anyway, so not … Continue reading

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Some early Carolyn photos I’ve never seen

I posted photos from these modeling sessions earlier when this blog was just getting started, but the first four in this gallery were all new to me.  They came from an old tabloid I found on ebay for a surprisingly … Continue reading

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A couple of undated photographs

These were listed as “unknown” in my folders, so I don’t know which black-tie event they were heading to or from.  Maybe it was just a dinner with friends. I’d venture to say these were from 1997, however.

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A bearded and mustachioed John

I figured I’d post a photo of just John for a change and came across this one the other day.  It’s strange because just before I found it, I wondered what he would have looked like with a beard or … Continue reading

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Late 90s – Another wardrobe rarity

I remember back in 2009 when RoseMarie was on GMA, a lot of the girls on Ultimate Carolyn were kind of surprised to see this screenshot of Carolyn wearing a striped turtleneck. I really do think that in comfortable situations, … Continue reading

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Random, undated photos

I have had these scattered throughout my folders for some time now, so I’m going to put most of them in this post. Here’s the breakdown: 1-2 are of Carolyn’s childhood home in Greenwich 3-4 are of an apartment of … Continue reading

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Carolyn with various celebrities

I have a few here of Carolyn with Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston, Calvin Klein, Kelly Klein, Paul Wilmot and I believe Peter Bergen? Included are some doubles that are more close-up.  If you right click and open the photos in … Continue reading

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More photos of Carolyn at Calvin Klein

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Photos of Carolyn at work at Calvin Klein

These were from a documentary on A&E, but I’m unsure of what the name of the program was.

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Modeling photos part X

And this is all I have left of her modeling days.  I’ll be starting to post pictures of her and John in the days to come!

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