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Carolyn’s jewelry

Carolyn didn’t really wear much jewelry, but what she did wear was always tasteful and never overdone.  I’ve read about the friendship ring she had with Carole Radziwill and always wondered if it was one of the rings she wore … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s bags and clutches

Just like RoseMarie’s book said, Carolyn bought quality pieces and reused them frequently.  Going by these photos, her most popular bags were the Birkin, the snakeskin clutch, the little Comme des Garçons pouch, and the Prada.  All were beautiful, of course.  … Continue reading

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Articles on Carolyn’s hair

These were from various magazines.  Carolyn had to leave Brad Johns because he wouldn’t stop talking about her in the press, and I think it was actually for the better because her shade of blonde was even more beautiful starting … Continue reading

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Some early Carolyn photos I’ve never seen

I posted photos from these modeling sessions earlier when this blog was just getting started, but the first four in this gallery were all new to me.  They came from an old tabloid I found on ebay for a surprisingly … Continue reading

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Undated 1999 photos of Carolyn

I’m not sure where these are from, but they were in with my 1999 folders.

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Carolyn’s engagement ring close-up

I am beyond thrilled with ebay (normally I call it evil bay for its rip off prices) lately because I got several good deals on old magazines about John and Carolyn.  One of them was the People issue that had … Continue reading

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Carolyn’s engagement ring

There’s always been a lot of talk about Carolyn’s engagement ring.  It was apparently a copy of what Jackie called her “swimming ring”.  (For the interesting backstory on her ring, check out the Ultimate Jackie blog, which is still up!) … Continue reading

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