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January 27, 1999 – The Blue Room

John and Carolyn attended the opening night performance of The Blue Room on Broadway.  You have to love the gaping fans staring at John while Carolyn pulls him away! Anthony Radziwill was in attendance too and is in two of … Continue reading

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January 26, 1999 – Carolyn waving down a taxi

I remember some tabloid said she was a fashion victim in this photo.  Oh please.  Since when does dressing warmly on a freezing day in NYC make someone a fashion victim?

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January 24, 1998 – A walk with John, a friend and Friday in the black Prada coat

This is the coat she gave to RoseMarie.  She’d switch up the look of it by either buckling it properly or just tying it around the waist. Photos two, three and 11 are higher resolution.

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January 22, 1998 – Shorter camel coat/Birkin bag combo

Photo #2 from this set was in one of the tribute magazines to them, and this outfit quickly became a favorite of mine.  (I know, they all seem to be my favorites, but if I had to narrow it down … Continue reading

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January 10, 1998 – Walking with John and Friday in camel Prada coat

I don’t think this was a leisurely stroll for them as John has his camera out, photographing the paparazzi right back. Many of these are high resolution and of good quality.

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January 6, 1998 – Altercation with pap at Teterboro Airport

Carolyn had really had enough after attending Michael Kennedy’s funeral and then having to deal with a paparazzo stalking them in the airport on their way back to NYC.  I mean, c’mon, the two of them are returning from a … Continue reading

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January 3, 1998 – Michael Kennedy’s funeral

1998 did not start off well for the Kennedys.  Michael Kennedy was killed on December 31, 1997 when he was playing football on skis with other members of the family.  He was not wearing a helmet or other safety gear … Continue reading

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January 25, 1997 – Red Prada coat

I have to take you all back in time again because for some reason this folder was labeled 12/05/97. Anyway, I really don’t like these photos.  I love the coat and her entire ensemble, of course, but in most of … Continue reading

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January 1997 – Traveling to DC for Clinton’s Inauguration

This set is featured on a disturbing video of how Carolyn and John were hounded by the paparazzi.  She is wearing both the coat and carrying the purse that she gave to RoseMarie.

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