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Photos from the Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy message board

I somewhat recently stumbled across this message board devoted to Carolyn and the girls over there are brilliant, because they somehow managed to find new photos! There are a few of them on a boat, one of Carolyn and John … Continue reading

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Additional Whitney 1997 screenshots

These are from the “As It Happened” segment on NBC.

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Random photo: John’s 38th birthday

This appeared in a magazine and the photo was from sometime around November 25, 1998, which was John’s birthday.  John and Carolyn had invited fifteen friends and family to come and celebrate what would sadly be his last one. He … Continue reading

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November 25, 1998 – Essex County Airport

This was John’s 38th birthday and the day before Thanksgiving.  I wonder if they spent the holiday with the Noonans again or someone else. Anyway, Carolyn looked pretty happy playing with Friday here, at least for awhile.  In the photos … Continue reading

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November 1997 – Undated event

These look similar to the set that is going to follow these two photographs, but John is wearing a suit and tie in these rather than a tux.

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November 30, 1997 – Boating in Hyannis

Here they are with Ted Kennedy, going for a post-Thanksgiving boat ride. There are quite a few great quality photos in this batch.

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November 1997 – Thanksgiving with Billy Noonan and family

These photos are from Forever Young: My Friendship with John F. Kennedy Jr. by William (Billy) Noonan.  The only one not from Thanksgiving is the photo of Carolyn in the green shirt holding the baby, which is from 1996. All … Continue reading

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November 1997 – At the airport with Friday and Ruby

This set consists of the same shot with just different resolutions and quality. The first two are HQ.

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November 22, 1997 – Buckeye lessons

In this set, they were at the home of a man who sold John a Buckeye Ultralight powered parachute. The only large photos are the last two, unfortunately.

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November 15, 1997 – Meeting up with Lauren and Lisa

Just a little banking and what appears to be a fairly normal day for them here… Photos 5, 6 and 8 are HQ.

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