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1999 – At RoseMarie Terenzio’s birthday party

I’m not sure when RoseMarie’s birthday is (I’d have to scour my book to see if she mentions it as so far my Googling hasn’t turned up much), but this photo is from a party Carolyn and John threw for … Continue reading

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New article on RoseMarie, John and Carolyn

My grandma and dad were born in France, I took three years of French in school and can still barely read it. So, I can’t translate this for you, but it does contain a much better version of the birthday photo … Continue reading

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Late 90s – Another wardrobe rarity

I remember back in 2009 when RoseMarie was on GMA, a lot of the girls on Ultimate Carolyn were kind of surprised to see this screenshot of Carolyn wearing a striped turtleneck. I really do think that in comfortable situations, … Continue reading

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Another RoseMarie/Carolyn comparison

I made this little side-by-side shot to show how much influence Carolyn had on RoseMarie’s style.  You can definitely see it in these two photos.  Add a jacket on Carolyn and the two outfits would be very similar.

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RoseMarie Terenzio article on Carolyn’s clothing

RoseMarie really lucked out! Carolyn gave her some of the clothing and accessories that made her so recognizable, namely the black Prada coat and purse.  In this article to the left is a tab where you can view the photos … Continue reading

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