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September 7, 1998 – More boating in Hyannis

There are only a couple HQs in here.  Most of them are pretty poor quality… Advertisements

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September 6, 1998 – Boating in Hyannis

Some of these are HQ and of nice resolution.

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September 1998 – Airport

These were labeled August 9, 1998, but I’m thinking that’s incorrect because they were in Italy on August 8 for Christiane Amanpour’s wedding.  I suppose it’s possible that they were back in the US that quickly, but not likely.  They … Continue reading

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September 1997 – Labor Day in Hyannis

This was another fun family outing.  Each of the photos is HQ.  Enjoy!

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September 1997 – Delancey restaurant in San Francisco

This event was for the Delancey Street Foundation, which assists people who are down on their luck and runs a restaurant to help support their operation.  You can read more about it here. I think this is a Yamamoto suit … Continue reading

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A few photos from 1995 and 1996

I know one of these was pre-wedding and the other two look to be from the earlier years, but once again, I have no dates. UPDATE: Jessika comes through for me again! The first picture is probably from around 1995, … Continue reading

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September-October 1996 – the Turkish honeymoon

John and Carolyn went on a three week Turkish honeymoon and I believe they cut it short because John had an opportunity to interview the Reverend Billy Graham for George. There’s a picture of them together in my next posting, … Continue reading

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September 1996 – right before the wedding

I remember some stupid tabloid saying that Carolyn and John were breaking up because she looks unhappy here. I’d be unhappy because: 1.  I had to use a filthy pay phone 2.  It looks like a scorcher of a day … Continue reading

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The Wedding!

On September 21, 1996, John and Carolyn tied the knot in The First African Baptist Church (formerly a slave church) on Cumberland Island, off the coast of Georgia.  Her gorgeous dress was designed by the fabulous designer Narciso Rodriguez, a … Continue reading

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September 8, 1995 – swimming in Hyannis

This was a more recent find and I believe the former Ultimate Carolyn blog posted it first.  It looks like Hyannis was really the place where they had the most fun.

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